Qing Hua

Less than a week since its reopening, I’ve had teh pleasure to both eat in and take out at Qing Hua, an amazing but small dumpling restaurant here in Montreal.

In their kitchen run by mostly women, each dumpling is stuffed, wraped and cooked to order. The clever clothes-peg numbering system helps the cooks and waiters keep track of each plate and variety of dumpling, because variety is what they have! At an average of $9 to $14 for 15 to 18 dumplings, the price is hard to beat fur such a fullfilling experience.

The reoppening of Qing Hua signifies the end of bland wonton soups and sheds light onto their delightfully soft, chewy and juicy mouthfuls.

Would I pay for that? I’ve eaten there twice in fours days…what do you think?


Dinner out at l’Orignal is definitely a meal that was in a league of it’s own. Fantastic service, amazing food, and a beef/bison tartare that is completely out of this world! Surrounded by a decor reminiscent of a cottage weekend and a playlist seemingly downloaded from my own ipod, this hipster place is a nice little cottage tucked away in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port.

Would I pay for that? let me just put it this way… tartare goosebumps = priceless

Nil Bleu

I’d been waiting to try Ethiopian food for a while and many people had raved about the Nil Bleu here in Montreal. My experience there definitely did not disappoint.

Spicy, tasty, hearty, comforting and well rounded flavors – or as my friend Jon put it in his blog, we would be fat if we lived in Ethiopia.

Make sure you are entirely comfortable who you decide to go with since eating with your hands can be a touchy topic…

One question remains: would I pay for that? Yes, again and again - you cannot compete with good food at a decent price!